Thu Dec 28 15:57:51 EST 2017
A bug in the automated build system caused the previous version to not include all kernel firmware by default.
This Updated release fixes the list of firmware included.

Wed Sep  6 21:22:49 EDT 2017
OviOS Linux 2.30 Antares has been released after 6 month of work to improve this appliance ,bringing many new features and BUG fixes.
This release also comes with two very important upgrades, the Linux kernel has been upgraded to 4.9.44 and ZFS to 0.7.1. 

See the release notes here.

Sat Mar 18 16:08:55 EDT 2017
OviOS Linux 2.20 Antares has been released with many new features and BUG fixes.
See the release notes here.
Download from the usual location.

Tue Jan 31 21:15:33 EST 2017
A new image has been uploaded and the old one taken down, to fix a BUG in smbjoindc.
To upgrade, follow the OviOS Live Guide to backup your config, and install the new image.