First Release for 2.30 - Antares

OviOS Linux Project

Version: 2.30
Released: 2017-09-06
Codename: Antares


sha512sum d01eb8395c4813e5a4559ccd6e023fc719d490f426d2a9d58af988f8b360cef02f0974b5fa7f04f66037747676673401bb638110290747985b094f3c332e1f21



Improved ovios-shell commands AND BUG fixes

New command: perf_menu which is a simple menu to analyze system performance

New command: pool modify : allows users to add and remove spare and log devices

New options:

option arc.size <integer between 0 and 100>
Default is empty which means ½ of available memory. Can be set to a number 0 and 100. To reset either use 0 or reset
options arc.size reset

iSCSI Target server to version 1.0.72 (tgt 1.0.72)
ZoL (ZFS on Linux) to version 0.7.1 (zfs-ovios-4.9.44-4 0.7.1-1)
Linux Kernel upgraded to version 4.9.44 (4.9.44-OVIOS)
ovios-branding ovios-scripts and ovios-shell to version 2.30


Download and burn to a CD/DVD

Boot into the live CD and run ‘setup’ to install.
See the installation tutorial here:

And a setup demo here

User “root” and “‘ovios”
Default password “ovios” for both users.
NOTE: - user root launches the ovios-shell by default.
Type ‘linuxcmd’ to return to the Linux shell, or login with ‘ovios’ and type ‘su’ to become root.
Note that ‘su -’ or ‘su - root’ launches the ovios-shell.

On the next boot up, you will see the OviOS Linux grub menu.
After the boot process completes, you have a fully functional storage server.
ISCSI, NFS and SMB servers are installed and ready to be configured.

Useful tips after the installation:

Read the ovios man page ‘man ovios-shell’ or the ovios guide, type ‘ovios’ in the ovios-shell