The fastest and simplest way to create a Linux Storage Server

OviOS Linux is an enterprise storage OS which combines open source technologies to provide an easy to use, performance oriented storage system that can meet the needs of enterprise applications, users and administrators. It is built on top of the Linux kernel and is an appliance-like OS, meaning there are no online repositories. The image contains all needed packages. Additional packages can be installed or upgraded manually though. The goal is to keep OviOS pure storage appliance-like OS.

With OviOS Linux the need for a RAID controller is eliminated, using the highly advanced zfs software RAID capability. See the features page for more details.

OviOS Linux Storage OS
    - The BASIC image currently at version 0.6. 
    - This image contains all the software needed to create a fully functional storage server.
    - It does not include the OviOS shell and commands
    - It does include "Storage Manager" which is a menu driven tool to create, delete , manage storage pools, volumes and snapshots.
    - Storage Manager SAN for creating iSCSI targets, LUN mappings.
    - The user must configure the NFS and SMB servers manually though.

OviOS Linux ovios-shell
    In addition to the iso image that can be downloaded and installed initially, the ovios-shell package provides a unified shell for storage management.

OviOS Linux follows the KISS philosophy. (Keep It Simple Storage). The system is designed to be as simple and lightweight as possible.

The OS is based on the Linux kernel which is todays choice for most data centres. The system admin will find it very easy to manage rapid provisioning of NFS or iSCSI datastores for vSphere, add SMB shares and users, using just the CLI (command line).

OviOS does not provide a GUI (Graphical User Interface), but does provide a unified shell (ovios shell) with interactive commands to manage storage, extract performance stats and halt/reboot. The shell is user friendly and requires no Linux or UNIX knowledge from the user.

Unified storage:


 - SAN   - iSCSI

Watch a quick initial setup. In this video I demonstrate how easy it is to setup the system for NFS, iSCSI and SMB in under 15 Minutes.
More to come.

Watch a video demonstrating the OviOS installation process.